Childhood Dancing Idol and the Road Not Taken



I’ve shared her images and videos on my Chinese social networks for so many times. The first time I saw her dancing, I was immediately attracted by her movements and folk costumes. She was not wearing such glamorous dress, only an ordinaly minority outfit. Yet, the movements were so unique even she was only dancing in front of a shabby door of a rural house. I made a resolution in my mind, I wanted to be a dancer like her.

This childhood dream has been so clear yet so intangible to me. Often times I can’t believe I am still holding on fast to this dream. Ever since mom forbade me to go the dancing school, I’ve been making any possible effort to dance. But I guess mom was right, I do not have the blessed body figure to become a brilliant dancer. I don’t know, it is painful to think about those things you want to grasp desperately.

I think I’ll get my peacock dress sooner or later, and I’m going to have a show somewhere in this world. Not belly dance, not Latin, just Chinese dance, the peacock dance by Yang is beyond beautiful and elegant. I love her personality, too. She fight against ballet and other rigid dance schools in order to persevere her own style. An ambitious and talents artist who can persistently value her own identity of an ethic minority.  Although I saw one latest performance and it seemed to me sort of a copy from a movie, I still treasure her peacock dance as the best artistic work in the field of dancing.


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