Ego & the Social Human Being

Ego is something bigger than I have ever thought…. I had always thought that people can love each other so deeply that they would give up their self-esteem and dignity under some conditions or in some occasions, at least I myself have always been trying to do so. Therefore, sometimes it hurts me when others cannot do this in return, especially when it comes from my mom or dad. I know love is not asking for return when you give, but sometimes we expect that at least moms and dads will act like real moms and dads.

I can’t believe Sarah’s father said that to his daughter right after the PhD dissertation defense! I kind of understand my mom better now. Everyone is a social human being and we cannot live in a vacuum or refuse to accept the truth that humans can be jealous, even if between and among family members.

I think I should change my world view a little bit because I have always been too serious, too religiously blind to believe in goodness and absolute love. The soul may surpass the flesh to some extent , but not always. I have to admit this fact and move on.

CV Session

Do not double dip in each application, which is the same as sending your journal articles to two places.

List positions, but decide the things to put in as appropriate for the position you are applying. Always put the most relevant items  at the beginning.

Do not lose anything you have ever done.

Ask your chair to write you a recommendation letter—-research assistantship, fellowship, writing studio, and all the opportunities available.

Grant for dissertation, etc.

Promotion—-Citation index: google scholar, the library, and so on. Citations are vital to promotion.

Annual report template: teaching, research, service

Textbook review on a department, community, or church level will be under service column.

Professional community: CCCC, SAMLA, etc

Editorial board should be listed under professional service.

Invited lectures, presentations, chair roles, and so on should all be listed in academic engagement.

Renew CV every year and every time you apply for a new job position

PhD in Rhetoric and Composition would be perfect. Do not bother the PhD in English title.

Madonna Live at Paris, 2012.

Listened to this again in the mid of doing my projects. I love the rhetoric of tolerance and that the enemy is not external, but from within. I think it is such great a rhetoric that we have to learn from history and fix things when we sometimes only complain and point fingers.


A Static Visual for Dr. Hocks and My Dear Classmates: Chinese Culture

The World Made in China


Jacky Chan


The Imperial Palace


The Great Wall




The Chinese Knot


The Chinese Fan


Peking Opera


Chinese Bamboo


Tea Culture

Chinese Dragon & Phoenix (The dragon is not the same with the Devil or Demon dragon in the West!)

The most prominent of all Chinese marriage symbols is the pairing of a dragon (long 龙) and a phoenix (feng 凤) which represents love and a happy marriage.

The dragon is the preeminent male or yang (阳) symbol and represents strength and the warmth of the sun.

The phoenix, as you might expect, is the ultimate female or yin (阴) symbol.

Another busy day!

Attending the business Chinese conference with the other three girls. Fortunately, we caught the 6:22 bus!

Happy busy weekend! lol

Excited! Got a new blog!

Hi everyone! I’m very happy and excited to know each of you and to have my own blog in the US.

I look forward to learn a lot from Dr. Hocks and all of you in this course. If you are interested in China and anything related, please talk to me or leave me some message in your posts!

I have a Chinese blog, but I have many English and French links in it. Many of the characters can not be shown on our classroom screens, maybe you can try when you are at home. If you want to take a look at it, here is the link:

Thank you Dr. Hocks and Valerie for showing us how to to this!

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