IWCA 2018 / Universal Design in WCOnline: Exploring the Hidden Biases of Appointment Scheduling Systems and Their Effect on Writing Center Work

J. M. Dembsey



Appointment scheduling systems in our field are not impartial: they have been designed based on assumptions about what writing centers could or should look like. They can shape the pedagogy and practice of a writing center, contribute to the exclusion of students, and even exclude entire writing centers who do not fit their narrative. In this workshop, attendees will consider the scheduling needs of their students/staff and reflect on who is being excluded. The presenters will share the results of their usability research on WCOnline and analyze these results through the frameworks of accessibility and Universal Design.


Dembsey, J. M., & Tyrrell, B. (2018, October). Universal Design in WCOnline: Exploring the hidden biases of appointment scheduling systems and their effect on writing center work. International Writing Centers Association (IWCA). Atlanta, GA.

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Subalternity and Cultural Multiplicity

Foundations of Literary Studies: Reading Frankenstein Two Hundred Years Later

The monster in Frankenstein attempts to receive enlightenment and education from a European ethnocentric perspective. As he recounts his education from the de Lacey family, the monster learns about humanity and language as Felix teaches Safie, the daughter of a Turkish Muslim father. The oriental Safie was instructed by Felix from Volney’s Ruin of Empires and learned about the “manners, governments, and religions of the different nations of the earth” (108). Even the creature’s method of learning was inferior, as he only learned via “minute explanations” and acknowledged that he “should not have understood the purport of this book” (108). By receiving this Eurocentric, westernized education, the creature is internalizing his inferiority and becoming conscious of his status as an “other” amidst enlightened, rational, European society. The “cursory” history that the monster receives laments the “slothful Asiatics” but lauds the “stupendous genius and mental activity of the Grecians and the…

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But what would Aristotle say? More on journals and diversity

Feminist Philosophers

Discussion regarding the difficulty of securing a place for feminist philosophy in non-specialist journals prompts me to echo Kate Manne’s concerns as they refract through the challenges of placing work substantively addressing Asian philosophies in non-specialist journals. First, some rough data on what the historical trajectory of research on Asian philosophies looks like, using entries in the Philosopher’s Index as the focus:


Articles in Asian

in General Journals*

Articles on

Confucianism in PI

Articles on

Buddhism in PI

1940-1949               3            0            4
1950-1959               7            4            9
1960-1969               3            8            31
1970-1979              …

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Orioles COO John Angelos offers eye-opening perspective on Baltimore protests

i have to mark this

For The Win

Demonstrators destroy the windshield of a Baltimore Police car as they protest the death Freddie Gray. (Photo via Jim Watson/Getty Images) Demonstrators destroy the windshield of a Baltimore Police car as they protest the death Freddie Gray. (Photo via Jim Watson/Getty Images)

After protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray turned violent on Saturday, Baltimore sports-radio broadcaster Brett Hollander took to Twitter to argue that demonstrations that negatively impact the daily lives of fellow citizens are counter-productive. Orioles COO John Angelos, son of owner Peter Angelos, seized the opportunity to respond with a qualified and brilliant defense of those protesting.

You can read the whole thing in Angelos’ Twitter replies, but it’s transcribed here for clarity. It’s all here because it’s all so good. Read the whole thing:

Brett, speaking only for myself, I agree with your point that the principle of peaceful, non-violent protest and the observance of the rule of law is of utmost importance in any society. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela and all great opposition leaders…

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Hank Paulson on the Chinese economy, Xi Jinping, and what Americans don’t get about China

This is an interesting lunch read. I kind of referred to it in my paper. Yes, competition is good.

10 Things That Change Once You’ve Lived Overseas


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