Women have a dream, too

Global Public Square

By Yasmeen Hassan, Special to CNN

Editor’s note: Yasmeen Hassan is Global Director of Equality Now, a non-governmental organization focused on the rights of women and girls. The views expressed are her own.

I grew up in Lahore, Pakistan and witnessed firsthand the destruction of the fiber of a society through discrimination. The introduction in 1979 of so-called Islamic laws effectively made women second class citizens and encouraged myriad forms of violence and discrimination against them. Women’s testimony in many cases became equivalent to half that of a man, women were not able to sign financial documents on their own, and women who were raped were punished under adultery/fornication laws when they could not produce eye witnesses to the rape.

I strongly believe that Pakistan’s current situation, with its economy and infrastructure in shambles and rising terrorism and political instability, stems directly from the decisions made more than…

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Internet Addiction Hyperbole


I’ve been reading a lot about internet and gaming addiction recently. My interest is how this is represented to parents though the media, and how that might influence or shape their negotiations of it’s use with children. There are several hundred academic studies about Internet and Game addiction, none of them sufficiently conclusive to have either addiction added to the medical reference bible for pathological addictions – the DSM-V (dee-ess-em-five). The means that it no recognised by the world health organisation (WHO) or more critically – insurance companies. This hasn’t stopped clinicians saying it. In fact, since 1999 there has been a steady growth in books, conferences and clinical practices offering treatment.

IA and GA is part of on-going social discourse around fear that ‘media’ has corrupting influences on civic life, especially children. It’s the same discourse that didn’t like MTV the Sony Walkman, VHS players and so forth. The…

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Praying for my grandpa

Grandpa is dying. I fear the reality of his dying. When I was a little girl, my parents went to adult school for training. My grandparents were sort of my parents. If you happen to have grandparents and parents of old age, even over 90, take them to hospital once in a while. Don’t take anything for granted. My grandpa was diagnosed cancer at such an age, and it’s too late. Please, God, let him be strong in fighting this disease. Amen!

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